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President: Marcus Donohoe

Hon Sec.  : Frank O'Doherty




After the AGM held in Kenilworth Bowling Club 29th August 2013, the AWBL  has a full committee for the forthcoming season, with representation from both Northside and Southside clubs.


Marcus Donohoe was re-elected President; Lorcan Finn Vice President, Frank O'Doherty is Honorary Secretary, Dermot Treacy Competitions Secretary and Ron Prince remains as Honorary Treasurer.

 The structure of the Southside Sections was discussed and a vote determined a majority of clubs attending the AGM preferred to retain the two strong and one weaker sections of last year, but with the proviso that the winner of the weaker section would playoff against the best runner up from the other three sections for the fourth semi final spot.

 To accommodate this additional playoff match at the end  of the league, one additional Saturday will be played before the Christmas break. The League will start on Saturday 12th October.

 There was a complaint from Greenhills, roundly supported by all other delegates, that a few teams and individuals were ignoring the rules regarding smoking on or near the green. The unanimous message from the meeting is that Rule 16 will be strictly enforced and that anyone continuing to risk causing damage to expensive carpets by smoking will be strongly dealt with by the Committee, including being banned from the competition.

 To mark the important contribution made by the late Liam McKay in establishing the league originally, the Champion of Champions Singles trophy will be renamed the Liam McKay Memorial Trophy.

 Ron Prince advised the meeting that World Bowls had recently advised that there was nothing in the Laws to require the direction of play to be across the seams of the carpet. Playing in a direction parallel with the seams will be allowed, provided the stitching of the seams does not deflect the bowls.

 In response to Clubs requesting the AWBL to place adverts in their tournament programs, it was decided that a limit of 4 adverts per year would be placed on a rota basis, where clubs make a request . The annual support of the LBLI Handbook ad would not be affected.