Ierne Social and Sports Club

P&P Guide

Hole 1

A short opening hole (23 meters), in fact the shortes hole on the course.

Pitching from the upper tierof the course.

A big green awaits a good pitch shot,

two bunkers in front of the green wait for anyone who pitches short


Hole 2

This 53 metre hole set the tone of the course, most holes here are around the same length.

A short pitch could leave you bunkered , a massive pitch could leave you out of bounds.

A good pitch will leave you with an opportunity of birdie.


Hole 3

Did you take the time to check where the pin is on the green from the second tee box ?

A hill in front of this 55 metre hole will stop any short  pitches, a pitch to the left-hand side of this green will result in the ball kicking further left


Hole 4

Another 55 metre shot , two bunkers wait for short pitch.

There`s plenty of space between the bunkers and the green,

and an avenue between the two bunkers for a lucky shot!


Hole 5

At 63 metres,  the longest hole on the course.

A small hill in front obstructs the view of the green.

Putts are relatively straight from front to back, however putts across the green are rarely straight.


Hole 6

The third 55 metre shot in just six holes, a small mound in front of the green will stop any ball pitched directly into it. A big tree waits on the left to catch any stray ball.

A green that appears flat, but there out some subtle breaks.


Hole 7

61 metres, index 1. A high pitch or a lot of luck needed here.

A big tree in front will catch low pitches, a hollow in front of the green will catch any short pitch,

and a bunker will catch any shot that goes  past the green.


Hole 8

A brilliant pitching hole. 48 metres.

From the lower tier, the carry to the upper tier is about 35 meters, the green a futher 13 metres back.

The “Weeping Willow” and a bunker are to the right on approach.


Hole 9

50 metres, a pitch from the upper tier to the lower tier.

 A high pitch is still required, a bunker in front of the green lies in wait.

 A small green with plenty of quirky breaks no matter where the pin is here


Hole 10

(a)                 Left?

(b)                 Right?

(c)                  Long?

(d)                 None of the above?



I`d go with (d).


Hole 11

A relatively straightforward 44 metre hole.

A small hill in front will stop any ball pitched directly into it, a local bounce will get any short pitch over it.

A bunker waits behind this large green.


Hole 12

A good pitch is required here, this 48 metre hole has a deep hollow waiting to catch any short pitch.

This green is all hills and turns, a straight putt on this green is unheard of.

A bunker behind this green shouldn’t come to play.


Hole 13

A tough hole. At 55 metres, this hole demands a good pitch.

Two large bunkers guard the front of this relatively small green.

The  unorthodox shot here is to thread the ball between the two bunkers (good luck) or play big into the hill behind.


Hole 14

Get up. This 32 metre hole goes from bottom tier to top tier.

Don’t over think this shot, get the ball up onto the top tier.

A pitch up to the very back of this can result in the ball rolling back nicely to the hole.


Hole 15

A 45 metre hole guarded by two bunkers in front.

Normally a receptive green, pin position is key.

A small mound surrounding the green to the back and left can make chipping back onto this green difficult.


Hole 16

Pitching from the bottom tier to the top tier, this 48 metre hole requires a good pitch shot.

The carry to the top tier is close to 40 metres.

A small bunker shields the front of this undulating green.

Any shot left could kick over to the out of bounds.


Hole 17

This challenging 52 metre hole goes from the corner on the top tier to a very tricky green on the bottom tier.

The green slopes from front to back and is protected by two large bunkers and a big mound.


Hole 18

Pitching back towards the clubhouse, this 48 metre hole is protected by a large bunker in front.

Hit your ball to carry the sand and land on this receptive green.   

Only a corner of the green is visible from the tee , so the gallery will know if you’ve held it before you do.