Ierne Social and Sports Club

Rules of Ierne Pitch&Putt

1.  Golf shoes must be worn at all times.

2. When practicing you may only use two balls.

3. When teeing of on the 1st hole you must wait until the tee box on the second hole is free.

4.  Always repair pitch marks on the green.

Club must not be placed on the green

5.  In the bunker you must not touch the sand with your club when preparing for your shot. Only two shots out of the bunker are allowed when practicing

Bunker must always be raked after you take your shot.

6. There is two shot penalty if you hit wrong ball.

7. A ball is out of bounds when all of the ball is on the line.

The line itself is out of bounds.

8. When a ball is on the tree and you can see it, you can drop it and take a one shot penalty.

If you canít find it you must tee of again or take two a shot penalty.

9.  Slow play. If there are two or more holes free in front of you, you must call next group through.

10.Cards must be marked clearly and signed by both marker and player.

The player is responsible for the accuracy of their scorecards.